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Optima Behavioral Health Policies and Procedures

  • Cancellations: A notice of 24 business hours or more must be given when canceling your appointment in order to avoid a charge. Failure to give appropriate notice may result in a charge of 50% of our usual and customary rate (UCR). This charge will be due at the time of your next appointment/next bill, whichever comes first.
  • No Show: There will be a charge of 50% of our UCR which is due at the time of your next visit. To avoid a charge on days of inclement weather please call or visit our website.
  • Multiple Cancellations: Multiple late cancellations and/or no-shows may result in termination of services.
  • Copays, Deductible and Self-Pay Fees: All are due in full at time of check-in or your appointment may need to be rescheduled. Payments are to be made on any balance at the time of service to avoid an additional $10 fee. Copays that are not paid at time of service will have a $10 non-negotiable service charge.
  • Prescriptions: Prescriptions filled outside of an appointment or due to a lost script will have a $20 fee due prior to the prescription being written or called in. Physicians will not refill prescriptions after 12:30 PM on Friday nor on weekends or holidays.
    Medication refills will not be faxed to any pharmacy nor will they be approved from any pharmacy faxing them to us. Medications are to be refilled at your appointment only. 
  • Form Completion: Requested form completions, other than managed care authorizations, will be have a base charge of $25 but is subject to change based on the time involved. Please allow 10 business days for paperwork turnaround.
  • On Call Physician: A physician is available for urgent problems only from 5:00 PM – 10:00PM weekdays and 9:00 AM – 10 PM weekends and holidays. For non-emergency questions please contact our office or visit the website for more information. This service is not for prescription refills.
  • Reminder Calls: As a courtesy, we offer reminder calls about your upcoming appointment. Please remember that you are ultimately responsible for scheduled appointments.
  • Billing: We do NOT bill any secondary insurance except for Medicare. All unpaid balances as of 90 days from date of service are due by the patient. If we receive payment from the insurance company after the fact then we will refund you as soon as possible. Balances that are not paid within the appropriate timeframe, and/or there has been no contact with our Billing Department, will be turned over to collections and no further services will be offered.